Viral Biryani

Vi·ral /ˈvīrəl/ Noun: An image, video, advertisement, etc. that is circulated rapidly on the Internet.

Biryani \bi(ə)rˈyänē, ˌbirēˈänē, -i\ Noun: A world-renowned Indian dish, Biryani takes time and practice to make but is worth every bit of the effort.

This is a Biryani and its made of viral interwebs.
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OK, so this girl’s hair stink so bad that people are making fun of her behind her back (and now in front of her). Massive issue. What to do?

Do your hair stink? (No time to wash?) Well, worry no more. Introducing Hair Perfume. 

The ad is probably a bit over the top as you might argue, but I’m just dumbfounded to learn that “stinking hair” is such a problem in India that it demands a product line and prime time TV media buy to sell it. Mind blown!